Connect - To a welcoming community that honors your service and is on the ready to embrace you.


Heal - You easily access all that you require for physical and mental well-being, including housing.


Empower - You seamlessly attain the benefits, education, training, and the career your dreams.


Thrive - You and your family are economically secure, socially, and spiritually fulfilled.


Inspire - You enjoy the future you earned, become a change agent and mentor for our community.

Who we are:


At the ready to connect, heal, empower, and inspire one another to ensure our military family, and greater community thrives.  


A military and civilian empowerment network with a shared unity of purpose across sectors and generations. 


A catalyst to leverage the common bond of our Veteran Service Organizations towards collective impact. 


Advisors on policies and practices effecting service members, veterans, and families in King County. 


A welcoming embrace of fellowship to all who sacrifice

for our safety and security.  


A stage to elevate and witness the the hidden voices of our military family.

Everyone has a seat at our table.

Welcome home.

The KCVC is an impact network that has been meeting for over 25 years to realize the ideal state for our military community through Advocacy, Fellowship, and building Community. We are Veteran outreach workers, the housing providers, benefits specialists, civilians, software engineers, business owners, government reps, elected officials, mechanics, VSOs, Gold Star Moms, you name it.


Most of us are currently serving or have served in the Armed Forces, Guard, and Reserve, or have loved ones in the military community. We are all types and dispositions, and come together as a consortium regularly on a volunteer basis to leverage our skills, assets, and passion to advocate for common-sense solutions for Veterans and Families.

The KCVC SITREP [Situation Report]

is framed on five distinct Lines of Effort [LOEs]. These LOEs are essential for anyone on their path to security, growth, and fulfillment. Imagine you are a transitioning service member.  

In the ideal state, this would be your journey.

Our all-County roll call for anyone who gives a damn about Veterans and Families in King County is been quite some time in the making and is now live. The KCVC Situation Report (SITREP) will offer anyone in our community the opportunity to share their wisdom, experience, and opinion on the current state of affairs for our military family, and how we can achieve our ideal future state.


Respondents have two ways to submit

1) Via camera phone video

2) printable copy that can be scanned and emailed to

or mailed to 815 1st Ave #117, Seattle, WA 98104 


We recommend all filling out the online survey for use as target practice to refine video responses. Also, for those with access to Veterans with opinions and distaste for technology, we ask you share these printable forms, and convene peer discussion around these questions.


Your story makes us stronger as we work to ensure all Veterans and Families in King County Thrive.  


Responses, anonymous or not, will inform the next evolution of the King County Veteran & Human Services Levy.   


Most importantly, your voice will be heard, and valued.

Despite the abundance of resources for Veterans and Families in King County, we are far from the ideal state, but we can get there with your help. Your responses and insights will directly inform the next evolution of the King County Veterans and Human Services Levy, which is up for renewal in 2017, and will provide essential housing and services for Veterans and Families through 2022. The KCVC will be working closely with King County and the Housing Development Consortium on ensuring the next Levy is targeted to the needs of our community. The PDF highlights of the King County Veteran and Human Services Levy can be downloaded here.